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It certainly has been a busy first quarter! We have had two Open Houses, Homecoming, fire drills, bus drills, assemblies and soccer matches. We’ve rekindled idle relationships and begun the process of making new, life long friends. The new school clothes have steadily become old favorites just as your kids’ new grade level has become the norm. In the elementary levels your kids are gradually gravitating to increasingly challenging texts and our older students are using their new station to begin thinking about life after their current grade and even life after high school.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family. When you add up all the time your kids spend at day care, in school, asleep, at friends' homes, with babysitters, at camp, and otherwise occupied with activities that don't include you, the remaining moments become especially precious. There are only 940 Saturdays between a child's birth and him/her leaving for college. That may sound like a lot, but how many have you already used up? If your child is 5 years old, 260 Saturdays are gone. And what about weekdays? Depending on your children's ages and whether you work outside the home, there may be as few as one or two hours a day during the week for you to spend with them.

A question I’m often asked is “How can I help my kids do better school?” It’s a fantastic question and I found a great article on a website called PsychCentral called “Parental Involvement Equals School Success” ( ). It outlines 7 easy steps you can take to help your kids at school:
  1. Be a positive role model.

  2. Show a positive attitude.

  3. Provide structure.

  4. Take the time to organize them.

  5. Limit screen time.

  6. Eliminate criticism.

  7. Encourage.

Please use our calendar to keep up to date on all the school events and remember that my door is always open.

In partnership,

Matt Wendel

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