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Dear Schenevus Families,

Believe it or not we are now in the fourth quarter of the 2016-17 school year! If we were to make comparison it might be said that ten months of learning and growing is much like the pace of a marathon. While every leg of the race is important to an overall strong performance, the last is usually the most vital. As with a marathon, it’s easy to succumb to fatigue but nothing defines your journey like a strong finish.

With the improving weather and a busy calendar it’s easy to put academics on the back burner. Please encourage your student to set goals for the end of the year and work steadfastly to reach them. Reach out to your child’s teachers and ask them for goal suggestions or advice on how to help your young scholar find success.

The folks at Educational Connection offer some suggestions: .

Campus offers suggestions for seniors: .

Besides academics, the Schenevus school community has a lot events this Spring and the district calendar is a fantastic resource for the dates and times to all those events. Some of which include the Garden Club, National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, Spring Concerts, sporting events, High School Prom, moving up ceremonies and of course, graduation!

The first three quarters have been fantastic and with your help the fourth will be no different!

In partnership,

Matt Wendel

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Matthew Wendel
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